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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Newborn Procedures

Let the sucking, poking, and proding begin! Or not?

I am going to list all the newborn procedures that we could think of.  I will note next to them very briefly what we discussed and put any useful links.  Feel free to discuss in comments.

Suctioning/ Deep suctioning
baby being suctioned before completely born

suctioning with bulb

deep suction

Often done before the baby is completely born. 
-Babies are born with 75 to 100 mls of amniotic fluid in their lungs.
-sound gurgly first hour or so
-absorbed within 24 hours
-sneeze and burp it out
Necessary when:
-to stimulate baby
-irritate airways
Cord Clamping

Eye Ointment

Purpose of vernix:
-moisturize baby's skin
-facilitate passage through birth canal
-conserve heat
-protect delicate newborn skin from environmental stress
-antibacterial, physical barrier to passage of bacteria
There is no urgent need for a baby to be bathed, however, if you choose to have baby bathed, it can be done in the room with you close by or even helping.  Vernix is very good for their skin.  It can be rubbed in.
Vitamin K Shot!/notes/powerful-birth-group/vitamin-k-for-newborns-by-sara-forsberg/10151095687777836
Warming Table/Nursery

Babies need to be with their mothers when possible.  Babies can be kept warm when placed skin to skin with mom.
Weight and Measurements

weight, length, head circumference, and chest circumference.  Done to keep record.
Hearing Screening

This is relativly simple.  Most states require it.  Shouldn't harm the baby and can be done in mom's arms.
Newborn Exam

-general appearence, skin, head, face,mouth, eyes, chest for symetrical movement, limbs, tissue, bones, symetrical movement, muscle tone
-cord, bleeding, infection
-liver & spleen
-step reflex
-listen to heart, heart rate
-listen to lungs, breathing
Footprints/ID tags

This is done to protect baby from being mixed up. 
Hep B Shot
I will not discuss that here.  It is an immunization.

I think it is important to know that when you choose to have certain procedures done to your newborn, that many may be done while baby is still on mom or at least in the room next to mom.  It would also be good to know if any of the procedures could be delayed.  Not all need to be done immediatley.  Newborns tend to be very alert right after birth and it is an important bonding time.