Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby Tawney's Belly Cast

The butterflies are 3-D

This is Pam Udy's pregnant belly with her daughter, Tawney.  When I talked to Pam and Tawney about what they wanted on this Tawney said, "Flowers, lady bugs, bumble bees, butterflies, dragon flies, pink, purple..."

I asked Pam about her pregnancy and birth.  She told me this was her most peaceful happy pregnancy.  During labor she had a moment alone and realized she was not going to be able to breathe the baby down as hoped.  She said, "I realized I was going to have to work to get this baby out.  There was a gathering of strength."

So my mind went to work.  I felt a great positive energy as I thought about and worked on this painting.  The blue butterflies represent peace softley landing. I thought a lot about a cocoon.  When the work is done inside, a new life emerges.  The work is peaceful and happy.  The mother evolves and grows as well.   I am happy with how it turned out!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


(written by Twyla Cluster)

Water Birth Resources

The idea of giving birth underwater was pioneered by Igor Tjarkovsky, a Soviet researcher and swimming instructor, in 1960. He has helped hundreds of women give birth underwater in a tank of warm water.

In 1977 a French obstetrician Michel Odent introduced mothers to a pool of warm water so that they could relax in labor and not feel inhibited; this also helped for pain relief. Some women decided to stay in the pool to give birth, and over the next 5-6 years thousands of women used the pool during labor.

By 1983 hundreds of women had given birth in water. In the 1980s water birth had spread across the world from France to America. By 1987 approx. 3,000 babies had been born underwater. At the garden hospital in London, Dr. Yehudi Gordon stopped giving pethidine to women in labor; warm water has taken its place.


Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper

The Water Birth Book by Janet Balaskas

We Are All Water Babies by Jessica Johnson & Michel Odent

Water Birth: A Midwife’s Perspective by Susanna Napierala




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