Friday, October 10, 2014

Twins Born Naturally in the Hospital

My Perfect Natural Twin Birth

I have no doubt that I have experienced the most miraculous and perfect thing that I ever will in my entire life! My twin's birth was amazing on so many levels and I want to share my story :)

I chose to use the Hypnobabies method to be able to birth my twins naturally. I didn't always want a natural birth, ESPECIALLY once I found out I would have to push two babies out... I was like,
But I am a huge fan of doing things naturally and wholistic stuff, and I kept having the thought come to my mind, "why would Heavenly Father make our bodies perfectly but then require it to do something that everyone thinks is impossible to bear?" So I decided not to give up quite yet and educate myself on birth. 

Through my dear friend Rachel and some spiritual promptings, I stumbled upon a Hypnobabies class taught by Talya Matheson. Hypnobabies teaches self hypnosis to re-wire the way we view birthing to a very positive thing and it teaches deep relaxation and how to use hyono-anesthesia. It also teaches very detailed and accurate information on the birth process and what our bodies can do! I soaked up every ounce of information like a was exactly what I wanted to hear and it felt good! By the end of the course, I was craving a natural birth and had so much confidence in myself and my body! Thank you Talya! 

I finished the classes and had about a month to practice my techniques and get my birth team together. I hired Talya as my Doula and Jordan stayed by my side with all of my decisions. I was so excited to see what my birth story would be like! So without further ado..

Thursday started off as a normal day... Sleepy, uncomfortable, and excited that I was one day further. I was 35 weeks and a few days. I had a doctors appointment to go to that I went to with my mom. The doctor said that the babies looked really good! Both head down and cooperating completely. He even made the comment, "they could be born tomorrow and probably be just fine!" Heh heh... 

We went to lunch right after and while we were eating I noticed I felt a little crampy. I had had these feelings before and they didn't hurt at all and they didn't seem to be coming and going... Just kind of a general feeling. I usually felt that way when the babies were growing and my uterus was stretching so I just figured they were getting bigger. 

That night I had a huge dinner packed with protein and carbs and I had the thought, "this would be a good meal to eat right before I went into my birthing time" heh heh... 

After dinner I was supposed to go to a wedding reception with Jordan but I felt a huge desire to sleep and a prompting to listen to my body, so I fell asleep and Jordan went to the reception. I slept for about 3 hours, woke up at 9:00 pm, and waddled myself to the bathroom. While on the toilet I felt a big shuffle come from the babies followed by a slow and somewhat constant trickle. I thought, "um? That was not pee... Wait..." Yyyyyep my water broke and I knew it! I sat there wondering why I hadn't felt any pressure waves and if they would start. In the mean time I just sat there and texted Jordan. I knew that would result in some sort of hyper-reactive tornado that is Jordan, but I needed him home because I was a little bit in shock. I also texted Talya, my doula, to let her know things were starting. Then i called my mom for some comfort before Jordan got home. 

I was still just sitting there when Jordan got home. Sure enough I was bombarded with excited questions... "Are you sure?" "Why is so much coming out?" "Are you ok?" "What do I do?" "CALL THE DOULA" haha... I reminded him what we learned in class and that this is normal and calmed him down a little. I called Talya anyways and she suggested to lay down and get some rest  before things started picking up and to send Jordan to get some pads so I didn't soak the bed. Haha.. Jordan knew what pads were from being a husband, but I had to explain that I needed the big obsorbant kind this time. He ran out the door and came back with the biggest pads I had ever seen!! They were just short of being a diaper.. I laughed and told him thank you.. But they ended up being just what I needed. 

We hadn't packed our hospital bags yet and I hadn't felt any pressure waves so I figured I should get that ready before I got some rest. I was very calm but Jordan waaaaas not. He went into what he calls "survival mode" and ran around the house packing anything and everything he saw that might come in handy later..this included tuna fish cans and a can opener...(an obvious necessity for birth). It was while I was packing that I felt my first real pressure wave! I kind of excitedly just stood there and felt it. I had been wondering for 35 weeks what this would feel like! It felt like a really big fast cramp...ish. I was glad things were moving! 
 I kept packing and they kept coming until I finally realized the pressure waves were coming faster than they should if I was in my early birthing time. I started tracking them and they were already about 6 minutes apart and lasting 30 seconds to a minute. At 10:40 I texted my doula and let her know that things wet picking up and I didn't think I could sleep through the waves. She encouraged me to listen to my body and get into hypnosis. I tried laying down to listen to my cd but man my body did not want to lay down! I decided to sit on my birthing ball and listen to my deepening track (a cd that talks you into deep hypnosis). Ten minutes later I realized the waves were pretty intense and I couldn't talk through them. I wasn't completely able to tap into my hypnosis tools because things were moving so fast so I was getting anxious for Talya to come over but I figured I still had like 15 hours left of labor so I didn't ask her to come yet. Ten minutes later though I texted her that I was having a hard time relaxing on my own and she called me and talked me through a few pressure waves. Her voice was so calming and she said everything I needed to hear to remember my hypnosis tools I had been practicing. I was able to be very relaxed after listening to her prompts. Where was Jordan during all of this? On a packing rant... He even came in to ask me if he could run to walmart to buy a head mount for his GoPro and some canned soup... I gave him an exasperated and curious look and said, "no I need you here" and he kicked in and sat with me till Talya got there.

Talya got to our place at about 11:30 or 11:45. I heard Jordan greet her at the door and directed her right upstairs to where I was. I could tell he was really relieved she was there and so was I! 
I spent the next little while awkwardly waddling around trying to find a position that my body would agree with while Talya made me feel very calm and relaxed. At about midnight I threw up and boy did that feel good! When I was throwing up, I remember thinking, "don't people usually throw up when they are in transition?" I still really didn't think I was that far yet.... Talya soon pointed out that my pressure waves were every two minutes now and asked if I would like to go to the hospital yet. I agreed and we made our way to the cars. I went with Talya so she could continue to help me and Jordan followed behind us. We ran lots of red lights and I realized Talya thought I was pretty close to having the babies! But as we got closer to the hospital I experienced some pressure waves that were different from the rest... I don't know how to describe them except for very productive feeling.. And then I finally knew that I was definitely close! 

We pulled up to the ER entrance and a nurse rushed out with a wheelchair to greet us. I didn't hear her, but Talya told me later that she told the nurse I was ready to push! She rushed us up to the Labor and Delivery unit and turned us over to those nurses. The L&D nurses must not have thought I was that close because they were not acting rushed at all. They asked us a few questions and then sent me to triage and they told me to put on my gown and then get in the bed where they will check to see how dialated I was. I just did as I was told, but as soon as I went to change into my gown I felt a huge overwhelming need to push my baby out! I told Jordan and he proceeded to run back and forth between the bathroom where I was to the nurses desk outside yelling, "CAN I GET SOME HELP?" Finally the nurses felt some urgency and walked me over to one of the delivery rooms. Somehow I got changed into the gown and in the bed and the doctor who was on call checked my dilation and announced I was duh... I got rely excited when he said that though because the only pelvic exam I had was the last one :) and I was so so excited to meet my babies! 

I was pushing during all of this with each pressure wave and the doctor told me not to push until we got to the operating room.... Uuummmm FYI it is impossible not to push... But he is a man and could not possibly understand, so I forgive him for making the comment. (We had to go to the operating room because of hospital policy that every mom with multiples has to deliver in there) Pushing felt so so so good! I loved actively working with my body rather than trying to relax and let it do it's thing. 

We finally made it in there and I chose to push on my knees. Talya was not allowed on the OR so it was just me and Jordan working together. This is something I will cherish for the rest of forever :) he held me and said little prayers with me and told me how amazing I was doing. 

I was pushing for 40 minutes. Those were arguably the best 40 minutes of my life. It was a little weird because there were so many nurses in the OR watching me... I looked around at one point and saw a small crowd of nurse faces watching me from a window... I didn't know what to do so I just smiled at them. They didn't know what to do either and awkwardly smiled back. I was in the zone for most of it though and wasn't aware of my surroundings at all. Jordan said lots of nurses in the room were talking to each other about how well I was handling everything. I felt no pain but felt every sensation from from both babies coming down and crowning to both babies slipping into this life. I pushed my baby boy out first :) it. Was. Amazing! I did it!! I was so happy and proud of myself and feeling him come out was surreal! I was facing backwards so I had to turn around and sit normally to hold him :) he was softly crying and so beautiful! The doctor let his cord pulse a little bit before he had to clamp it and get things ready for baby girl to come out. I handed him to Jordan and then assumed the normal "pushing" position so the doctor could see what baby girl was doing. She was a little angel and was still head down. The doctor suggested we break her sac so she would continue to come down quickly. I was against the idea for a second but I felt very at peace with it and agreed. I didn't have time to get back on my knees because she was coming! After 9 minutes and two pushes she was here! I could see her and she was blue but she quickly took a breath and pinked right up. She was very quiet and just enjoyed me telling her how much I loved her. A piece of my placenta wouldn't come out so there was a bit of craziness while they got that out... But eventually I got both babies in my arms, kisses from Jordan, and the happiest feeling I can't even describe. I still can't believe I did it :) we finally left the cold operating room and went back to the regular room where I got both of my babies to latch and nurse at the same time! Our family was finally together and everything was perfect.  

I owe a lot of this to my hypnobabies training. I spent months re-training my brain and practicing hypnosis. Also Talya was amazing to have! I don't think I will have a baby without her... And Jordan... I might cry.. You were so supportive and helped me be so strong! I love you! 

I am so humbled I was able to be a part of Heavenly Father's plan and participate in the power of His creation. I feel very close to heaven as we work together raising these two little angels :) 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Postpartum, Baby Moon, Fourth Trimester

 I thought since we give so much attention to the pregnancy and birth that I would take some time to write down memories of my recovery.  I think it is important to know this was my eighth baby. I have birthed all my children naturally.  This was my fifth home birth, my fourth water birth. She is my second girl.  Also, I am a doula and run the Powerful Birth Group.  I add that because no matter how much we know, when we are the mother we are the mother.  We worry and have concerns about everything.  We question ourselves and hope that our baby is okay.

As I write this my baby, Eden, is laying tummy down on my chest.  I hear little baby noises as she breathes, see her soft hair, tiny features, fresh eyelashes,  and smell her baby sweetness.

I felt awesome after she was born.  The birth was amazing and I was so thrilled and happy.  I was looking forward to the time that I could  relax and nurse her.  I was going to enjoy this time and get to know this fresh person.  As we began that journey together, it turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated.

The first time I nursed Eden something felt wrong.  I think I even said, "That's not right."  I hoped she just latched on wrong and that next time would be better.  I kept trying to help her latch correctly.  She was frustrated, swallowing lots of air, and I was in a lot of pain! She would grunt and it seemed like she was really uncomfortable. When she was two days old things were extremely painful.  That night I had an IBCLC (breastfeeding guru) come over to see how to fix things.  She grimaced with me.  She validated the poor situation.  She also told me that Eden needed her tongue and lip released.  She was lip tied and tongue tied.  I know there are worse things in the world, I do, but this was sad news. We each got a blessing that night.

 We called the dentist the following morning and took her in.  They used a laser to fix the problem.  She was wrapped and held down while they did it.  She screamed.  Brian said he saw smoke come from her mouth.  My heart hurt! 

She did not nurse better right away.  In fact, it got really bad.  I had sores and was in so much pain.  Her lip swelled up.  When she tried to nurse, she let off in pain.  It was so sad.  I felt so bad for her. We had to rub and stretch the wound so it would not re-adhere.  She hated it!  So did I and I admit I made my husband do it.   About a week after the procedure, I felt like things were starting to get better.  She is four weeks old today and nursing still needs to improve.  It has gotten better than in the beginning, but we are not completely there.  She still gulps lots of air.  Some feedings go better than others, but she always has lots of large burps and is fussy after she eats.

We have tried lots of things.  I think we have spent $600-$700 trying to help her.  This includes the Dentist, Chiropractor, Cranial Sacral Therapist, and Massage Therapist.  Things will get better.

My recovery physically, as far as the birth, has been very good.  No discomfort or pain in my bottom.  I had after birth pains/cramps that were intense for about 24 hours after the birth. I took 800mg of ib profin, but felt like it didn't touch the pain.  In past births, that totally helped.  Not this time.  After the first 24 hours, they lessened in intensity and I could cope better.  I have had to make an effort during this recovery not do too much.  If I was too active, then my bleeding would increase and I would feel more achy and have pressure in my bottom.

Emotionally I have felt well.  It helps to have the support and help from my husband, kids, parents, in-laws, and my sister.  I have had food brought upstairs to me in my room several times.  I really appreciate that!   I am tiered and frustrated with the nursing struggles, and that can bring me down emotionally.  I feel good for the most part.  I have snapped at kids and feel bad about that.  They have been so patient.  It is hard to get things done.  Eden likes to be held. A LOT. When she is being held, she likes to be held upright and usually is swaddled.  She likes pressure on her tummy. Thank goodness I have big kids who don't mind holding her so I can use the bathroom.  Going outside always helps calm her down.  She loves walks in the evening.  She also loves being in warm water.  Kids have also helped switch loads of laundry.  Dinners that were brought into us were FABULOUS!!  Now I have been making pretty simple meals.  Really, dinner is hard for me to get done.  I can't do a little here and there or let it go if it doesn't get done.  My kids need to eat.

Yesterday I went through all my baby boy clothes.  That was a sad thing for me!  I am thrilled that Eden is here, but sad that I will never need my boy things again.  Plus,  I think I am mourning the fact that I will never have a tiny baby again.  I am good with that and know all is well, but knowing this is my last baby does make me sad.  I took a bath with her tonight and wanted to hold on to the moment.  These are my last baths with a tiny baby.  She is changing so fast and I will never have these tiny moments again.

I am grateful to have Eden here in our family.  I hope she continues to improve her feedings.  I think that will help her and I feel better.  She is cute as can be and I love her so much.  It is fun to see her develop and notice new things about her.  She is beautiful!   Our family is so blessed to have her!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Birth Story of Baby Eden

Baby was "due" May 11th, 2014, Mother's Day.  One week later it was Sunday the 18th and I was still pregnant.  I went to church and taught my last Temple prep class for the series. This baby must have known I needed to finish the class.   I knew that if I went past 11:14pm that night it would be my longest pregnancy.  I was emotional at church.  I heard lots of advice on how to go into labor.  I took it all in stride.  People meant well.  I was not really worried.  I knew she would come when it was the right time.  My body would be ready and she would be ready.  That night Brian and I went on a walk alone.  When we got home I took a steamy shower to help my annoying cough that I had been dealing with for a month to loosen up.  I went to bed with plans to get up and do laundry and fix my hair.

At 3am I woke up to a strange feeling in my abdomen.  I laid there and thought it might have been a contraction.  I got up and went to the bathroom.  Nothing new.  Went back to bed.  I would have a contraction again.  Not to intense, but more than the light ones I had been having here and there for weeks.  I tried to time them.  Some were ten minutes apart, some three.  Some weak, some stronger.  I stayed in bed for an hour trying to sleep, watching the clock and hoping this was it.  I was thinking that if this was labor, then why are the contractions so inconsistent.   I wondered if she was in a good position.  But the contractions were low in front where they should be, so I didn't do anything about it.  At 4 am I decided to get up and move around a bit.  If this was labor, I would rather get it going before the kids were all up, but at the same time I wanted to let my birth team sleep as long as possible.  At 4:30 I woke Brian up.  The contractions were steadily coming and getting harder.  He called the Midwife and Doula.  They were on their way. 

I had planned on a water birth and really hoped to catch my baby this time.  I had fears that I would be alone.  I had fears that she would be in a difficult position.  I had filled my bathroom wall with positive affirmations and words of encouragement from friends.  In the time leading up to the birth I read these things often.  The positive affirmations helped me a TON!!

As I was standing in the bathroom and when I would have a contraction, Brian would rub my lower back and hips as I leaned on the counter.  That felt good and I wondered how he knew to do that.  Usually I would want my hips squeezed, but that didn't feel right this time and I never had to tell him.  He was filling the tub and getting it ready.  I would rotate between leaning on the counter and sitting on the toilet.  At one point as I leaned against the counter I felt her come down quite a bit.  I told Brian she is coming soon.  I told him she is moving down.  He called Chris and told her I was going to have the baby soon.  She said she was 2 minutes away.

I climbed in the tub and it seemed like no time at all she told me to reach down and feel my baby.  I remember thinking it was too early for her to be there.  But I felt her crowning.  I felt her head emerge.  I kept my fingers on her and felt as her shoulders slowly came out and then her body. I do not know if my eyes were open or closed because everything I "saw" at this time was through my hands.  It is hard to describe how this felt.  It was amazing to feel her body emerge from me.  I reached down with my other arm and lifted her up out of the water.  I had done it!  We had done it!  It was over.  I had never felt so aware during any of my births.  It was an amazing feeling and I was so happy to see her and know the journey of this pregnancy was over.  She was here and now we would begin our new journey together. The fears I had could finally be put behind me.  I loved seeing her stretch her legs and arms out.   The cord quit pulsating rather quickly and the placenta was delivered.  We kept the cord attached as the placenta sat in a bowl. 
I just caught my baby!  Born at 5:05am

After I got out of the water and into bed we got Aubryn to come in and cut the cord.  It was more difficult than I think she thought it would be.  She was proud of herself and has enjoyed telling people her big role in the birth.  She also was taught all about the placenta by Chris.   Aubryn  loves to hold the baby and would do it all day if I let her.  She has been so good with her.

This was an amazing birth experience for me.  There is no way I can think of to improve it in any way.   Now it was done.  Everything was well!  Everyone was there that I needed!  I was able to catch my baby!  The birth went smoothly!   ALL IS WELL.

9lbs 2oz

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gabriella's Birth Story

 Friday, September 13, 2013


        I woke up around 5:45am after having a good night's sleep.  I went to birth group the night before and I had one of the ladies give me a few tips for going into labor.  She said she expressed some milk and did some hip rotations on an exercise ball.  I thought my exercise ball might still be out in the garage, but since I was the only one awake I thought I would try expressing milk first.  She said she had her baby within ten hours, so I thought it would be good to get an early start. 

        It was a Friday morning, which is what I had been hoping for all along.  Bryce recently started a new job which meant he didn't have any sick time or vacation time, so having our baby at the beginning of the weekend would be perfect for him to be home with us for the next few days.  My mom also had Fridays off and we were planning to have her come watch the kids when I went into labor.  The last few Fridays I was hopeful as well, but our little girl just wasn't ready yet. 

        So I sat on the couch trying to express some colostrum.  I  wasn't sure if I was doing it right, nothing was coming out.  But after about five minutes on each side I felt a few small contractions.  I gave up and went back to bed to snuggle with Bryce.  I had been having regular contractions on and off for the last month, so I definitely wasn't getting excited. 

        After laying down with Bryce for a few minutes I felt uncomfortable.  I figured my body did not want to lay down any longer.  I sat up while Bryce and I talked about plans for the day.  I said, "I will call you if I go into labor, but don't get your hopes up."  I had said that many days, this was my longest pregnancy.  My contractions were really starting to get my attention at this point.  I told Bryce we should probably get ready and finish packing the birth bag.  I texted my Doula, Twyla, to let her know I was having contractions, just giving her a heads up.  I also texted Chris, the midwife, to let her know things were starting up.  Bryce decided he would shower, that panicked me a bit to be left alone. My next contraction was really painful and I didn't want him to leave me even for a minute.  While he was in the shower it went from exciting to scary for me.  I had never felt contractions like this before.  I was leaning over the side of my bed and focusing on groaning and breathing.  The contractions were about every 2 minutes apart and really intense.  In the next few minutes I told Twyla I was ready for her help and let my mom know to head over.  My mom lives an hour away and I didn't want to wait too long. 

        Within just a few more minutes I changed plans.  We needed everyone to meet us at the birth center.  There wasn't going to be time to labor at home.  The contractions were so painful that I couldn't do anything. In the short time between contractions I managed to throw some clothes on.  Bryce was grabbing all of his things and woke the kids up to get ready to leave.  They were amazing and completely ready to go in about 5 minutes - in their school clothes.  They helped grab snacks and the food we had planned for our birth breakfast.  Maddie grabbed me a towel and a bucket - at this point I thought I was going to throw up.   

        I remember standing at the counter, I was going to attempt to help gather things.  Instead I ended up leaning over the counter trying to cry through a contraction.  Jonathon was standing in the hallway watching me with concern.  After the contraction was over I reassured him that I was ok, this is how it is supposed to happen.  I heard him tell Luke that he thought I was crying.  Maddie was so helpful to remind them that I was ok, and helped get them excited about the baby coming. 

        Everyone went out to the car and I started having another contraction by the small couch.  I remember leaning over the couch and just burying my face into the big cushion.  I felt like I couldn't handle the pain anymore and I was really scared.  It was at that point that I remembered I wanted to do this.  I knew I could do it if I relied on Heavenly Father to help me.  I said a quick prayer right there that He would be with me and help me.  I knew I needed to relax more and trust Him.  Bryce helped me get up and started walking me to the car.  I told him I wasn't going to make it to the birth center.  I knew the baby was coming fast.  I was really worried about spending 20 minutes in the car with how much pain I was already in. 

        Bryce gave me a blessing in the driveway right before I sat down in the car.  He mentioned in the blessing that everything was going to be ok.  I remember the part that stood out to me was he said I was going through transition.  I hadn't realized that for some reason, and that made me happy to know that Heavenly Father knew what my body was doing.  I was also nervous because I know birth isn't far behind transition.  As we started driving I tried to find a comfortable position that I could hopefully relax in.  Bryce suggested the kids sing a primary song to me.  All four of them sang their best and I loved it.  I could definitely feel the Spirit, and although I was still in pain I was able to relax much more than I had been.  After a few primary songs they switched to singing a song they had learned at school.  I could immediately feel a difference in the Spirit and I wasn't as relaxed.  I asked them to sing more primary songs and attempted to sing with them between contractions.  I was feeling the need to push during the contractions, but I just tried to breathe and relax as much as I could.  It was comforting to me when Bryce said that Twyla was right behind us, following us to the Birth Center.  I hoped Chris wasn't far behind. 

        We arrived at the Birth Center and everyone got out of the car.  I had been leaning back and to the side and started to get up.  Twyla and Bryce came to the passenger door to help me and told me that Chris wasn't there yet.  I knew I couldn't get out of the car until I absolutely had too.  I rested my head back by the top of the seat belt and tried to breathe slowly.  I told Twyla that I felt like I needed to push and she reminded me to relax and breathe.  She did really good talking to me and trying to keep me calm.  It was only a few minutes before Chris arrived and told us to hurry and come in.  Bryce and Twyla helped me walk to the stairs, but I had to stop for a contraction before going up.  Twyla held onto me from behind and Bryce was holding my arms in front.  It was then that my water broke.  I could feel it going down my legs and I told them the baby was coming.  I heard a little panic in Twyla's voice when she called for Chris.  I can't remember who said it, but they said to hurry and get me upstairs.  I remember having a lot of help getting up the two sets of stairs, although Bryce and Twyla said I did it by myself.  The kids followed behind us and I directed them to go play in the toy room for a minute. 

        We walked into the birthing room and I kind of froze by the side of the bed because I didn't know what to do.  Bryce and Twyla got my sandals and pants off and helped me climb up on the bed.  They stacked a bunch of pillows in front of me and I leaned over and buried my face in them.  They said the baby was ready, and they could already see her head.  It hurt so bad, I was too scared to push.  They were encouraging me and letting me know I could do it.  I knew it would be over faster if I did my best to push her out.  I took a breath and waited for the next urge and I pushed as hard as I dared.  It was so much more painful than I had imagined.  I was screaming, saying it hurts, saying I was going to die.  Bryce was getting ready to catch and I pushed again, screaming at the same time.  It was so incredible to feel her body slide out, and I knew Bryce caught her.  I was in shock about everything that was happening, the memories seem blurry like a dream.  Bryce slid her on the bed underneath me so I could see her.  I stayed in my position because I didn't think I could move.  I think the first thing I asked was, "Is it really a girl?"  Bryce assured me that he had checked and Yes, it was a girl.  I listened to her grunt and fuss and had memories of when Jonathon was born.  He wasn't breathing right and they took him to the NICU for the next two weeks - I didn't want that to happen again.  I kept asking if she was ok and everyone answered that she was perfect.  Healthy, pink, big and perfect. 

        The kids got to come in and see her while I was still on my hands and knees.  They had put some covers over me so that I wasn't exposed.  It was so neat that they got to see her while she was so brand new, even before I had delivered the placenta.  I think my mom got there around that time and was surprised to find that I had already delivered the baby.  We had her put on a movie for the kids while I tried to get more comfortable and get ready for the after birth.  I was surprised when I felt painful contractions again, I thought after the baby was out I was done.  I  was not happy about delivering the placenta, and I was in a lot of pain.  I think I may have been slightly cranky at that point.

        I was so happy to get to hold my new baby, we still hadn't decided on her name yet.  She latched right on when I went to nurse her, it was great.  We were both pretty messy at this point still.  The kids and my mom came back in and Chris showed them the placenta.  The kids put gloves on and got to touch it and Chris showed them how it worked and what it did.  It was really fun to see their different reactions. Maddie got to cut the umbilical cord and was pretty excited about that.  I was incredibly happy that my kids were there with us, it made everything sweeter for me.  Not long after that I was able to take a shower while they cleaned up the baby.  Maddie got to help with the baby's first bath. 

        It felt so good to be clean and to hold a clean baby.  I was still having a lot of cramping and pain from the birth, but I was happy.  Bryce went to work making us all a nice breakfast.  We had hash browns, omelets, bacon, orange juice, chocolate milk and krispy kreme doughnuts.  It was perfect.  After filling my belly I felt really worn out and wanted to rest for a little bit.  Bryce took the kids home to get their back packs and go to school, and also stopped to get the car seat that we hadn't forgotten in the rush that morning.  While my mom held Gabby I thought I would try to sleep.  I was apparently still too traumatized from the whole experience to rest my mind.  I kept replaying the events in my head and feeling the fear and stress I had felt earlier.  I finally decided to give up on sleeping and started packing up and getting ready to go instead. 

        I was so relieved that I hadn't torn during the delivery.  I had always had episiotomies before.  This was the best recovery I have ever had.  I was so happy to get to bring my baby home and finish recovering there.  It took us till the next day to settle on her name: Gabriella AnnaMarie Sherwood.  We have both loved the name Gabriella, and AnnaMarie is Ilse's middle name.  (Bryce's grandma)          She was 9lbs 9oz and 20 1/2 inches long, born at 7:38 am.   She is perfect!  We have bonded to her so quickly and have been much happier about losing sleep than we have been in the past.  I wouldn't change a thing about how she was born, the Spirit was so strong.  I found out other things later that added to the strong Spirit we felt.  We were very blessed and I know we had Heavenly help through the whole process.