Thursday, July 17, 2008

Birthing is beautiful?

I was reading this birth story as told by the father and loved how he described his wife.

Kel looked so beautiful to me then, sun shining in the water and down her back, totally involved in that ultimate expression of womanhood, birthing.
The woman I loved before was now the woman I worshipped, respected, admired for her humanity and fertility, her trust and her courage, her strength and focus.

Wow. When I'm in labor, beautiful is the last thing I feel. How wonderful it is that a man can see through, to true beauty and power in a woman.


Lisa Barrett said...

Thanks, this is a fabulous birth story. It's not often that men put in words how they feel at a birth.

anjie said...

I agree. I feel in our society so many are made to feel the birth process is "gross". I love that he sees the beauty in it and her. Women are afraid to let go and let the process take over. It really is a beautiful thing.

Utah Doula said...

Anjie -

Please, As Twyla has told me a thousand times. Your beautiful when your throwing up and have the flu! You can't help but be beautiful in every moment of life.

I have seen you in labor you are powerful and amazing and of course every bit of a beautiful powerful birther, bring of life, woman and mother.

I don't think I have ever seen such a labor with the very last moments being as strong and as powerful as yours, yet you crest the wave and ride it down and out bringing forth your baby. You are truley......beautiful and amazing.