Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Get Together

I had fun at the get together this morning. Thanks to all of you who came! Is there interest for a meeting in December or should we plan the next one in January? Also, is morning the best time? Would you like husbands to come? I'll post the next date as soon as we know. Thanks!!


Crystal said...

Rob gets every other Friday off, so the week that he gets Friday off, that Thursday night would work great for me. He has this week and then every other Friday.

I think your next gathering should be your gift wrapping party!

DramaMomma said...

I really enhoyed today. Such great women. I have a few people who might want to come.

One of the ladies in my ward, makes homemade slings and she would love to come, she has had homebirths and the last one she did in the hospital due to finances and wishes she didn't even though everything was fine!