Thursday, January 22, 2009

Overcoming Fears

The discussion on overcoming fear at today’s gathering was great! First, we talked about what fears, struggles, and issues we have now or have had. Here is the rough list we came up with.

  • Multiple kids (as in, can I handle another one?!)
  • Transfer to hospital
  • Fear of judgment
  • Losing it in the middle of labor
  • What if I don’t know I am in labor
  • Sick baby
  • Baby dies
  • Pain
  • Huge baby
  • Long, difficult labor
  • Baby’s position
  • Hemorrhage
  • Cord prolapsed
  • Wrapped cord
  • Over confident in my ability
  • Not being able to do it
  • Breastfeeding trouble

We discussed these fears. We asked why we have them and where they stemmed from. Then we brainstormed some ways of coping and/or solutions. Some of these are just distractions from the real problem. But, at times, that is what it takes.

  • Prayer.
  • Take a walk.
  • Meditation, visualization.
  • Shopping.
  • Discussing with close friend, care provider, religious leader
  • Eating- chocolate
  • Give it six weeks (with nursing problems) But with many issues, time can usually help. Patience.
  • Journaling.
  • Birth art (We did this at the gathering!)
  • Educate ourselves.
  • Find the root of the fear. Why is this an issue for me?
  • Relaxing. (bath, breathing, read)
  • Music.
  • Focus on the good. Especially, with pregnancy. There is GOOD in it!
  • Take it slow. If you are overwhelmed, take it as you can. Bit by bit.
  • Do all we can for our health.

This was an uplifting discussion. I felt it could apply to struggles other than what we face in pregnancy and the delivery.

There is power in conquering or surviving hard challenges. After triumphing a natural delivery one mom at the gathering this morning said, “I no longer doubt my ability to do anything!” How big of a statement is that?! We are strong! When we face something hard and get through it, we are STRONGER!

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DramaMomma said...

Your amazing. You have created a powerful birth group. Positive and uplifting just like you.