Thursday, February 19, 2009

Preparations for Home Birth

In the gathering today we talked about planning for home births. We often talk about birth plans for hospital births, but it was nice to shift that to home births and see where the discussion led. Preparing for a home birth is a bit different than preparing for a hospital birth. At home we are not trying to avoid interventions but we often tend to think people are going to know what we want. But there are still many things to consider. It may help to write them all down. It is important that those who will be at the birth are aware of your wishes before hand. Here is the rough list of things we discussed.
1. Supplies. where are they?
2. Specific wants and are they ready/charged? Camera, music, smells.
3. Notes of important phone numbers.
4. Emergency transfer notes. Important things that husband (who most likely would be frazzled in that circumstance) and hospital staff need to know. For example, no vitamin K shot, no eye ointment, etc.
5. Rolls for those who will be there. Is someone to make a cake? Do you want each child do have a job?
6. Please do not’s. Are there things you do not want people to say to you or places you don’t want touched? Do you have quirks?
7. What to wear.
8. Who is in charge of older children?
9. Foods you want.
10. What to do with the placenta.
11. Reminders of what you like. What you want to hear or where you like to be rubbed. Or do you need to be reminded to use the bathroom?
12. Cord clamping. Who and when or if.
13. Place you plan to birth. Are you setting up a pool? Does anything need special prep? Do you need certain things out or put away?
14. Affirmation poster or art to help inspire you. Do you want it hung up somewhere? Do you have thoughts or scriptures to help you?
15. What procedures do you want done to baby? When?
16. Are there special things to have handy? Like a flashlight or desk lamp. Maybe a fan?

We had our first man attend the gathering, which I really enjoyed. I love to hear a man’s point of view on these things. My husband has been at all the meetings, but he is downstairs saving children’s lives. Men are always welcome. “Proper prior planning prevents poor performance,” was a quote that Jamie Mosser memorized August 22, 1991! He shared it with us today as we talked about preparing for birth. We all know we can’t plan everything, but what a difference to be ready as much as possible for the situation.

After the discussion we listened to two recent birth stories. We had a great time!

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