Friday, October 22, 2010

What I Wish I'd Known

What happens when you get a room full of women who have given birth, some several times? Experience. Considering each labor and delivery were unique and different, there was a lot learned in those experiences. We opened the question up, “What do you wish you had known before labor and birth?”

Here is a list of the ideas shared:

• I can do it! With the first baby especially, many expecting moms are told they cannot give birth without an epidural.

• I can keep my baby with me.

• Listen to my inner voice, my intuition.

• Don’t fight labor.

• Hire a doula.

• Surround myself with good support during pregnancy .

• Don’t listen to the horror stories.

• Make plans, make a birth plan (review it with doctor).

• I can switch providers mid pregnancy

• It is pain of hard work. It has a purpose.

• The feeling of desperation means my baby will soon be in my arms.

• Skin to skin will keep baby’s temperature up.

• Babies don’t have to cry after birth.

• Due date is a month

We also asked to the moms-to-be what they would like to know before labor.

• Good pregnancy and birth books

• Good classes to take

If you have any other ideas, leave them in the comments. I can add them to the list. Thanks to everyone who came and shared!

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