Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby Ian's Birth Story

We were blessed with the arrival of our new baby boy!
Ian Michael Hunter
6 pounds 12 ounces
20 inches
11:32 am
March 22, 2012

We had the amazing opportunity to have Ian born in our home.
Everything worked out perfectly- from the day he arrived to the delivery itself.
My awesome midwife- Valerie Hall

I was awake most of early Wednesday morning with contractions. But they slowed down once I got up and was getting the girls ready for school. They were on and off all day. I tried to rest, but also went on a couple walks. I went to sleep without consistant contractions. I woke up at about 4:30 Thursday to some strong ones. I finally started timing them. From about 5 to 7, they were every 10 minutes. I told Collin when he woke up. This time when I got up, the contractions got closer together and stronger. Around 7:30, I called my midwife. We got the girls fed and off to school and playgroup.

My midwife came around 8:15. She had all kinds of supplies with her. She brought them straight up to our room and then started filling out paper work. She told me to eat some breakfast while she took all my vitals. We all talked and ate. Around 9, I was pacing around the house while Valerie was doing paper work and Collin was making phone calls. About 9:30 I laid on the couch and rested. At this point I felt like I had to focus on breathing and Collin was helping more. Valerie went upstairs to get everything ready and the other midwife, Tina, arrived. Around 10, I went uptairs and got comfortable on the birth ball. Collin finished up some calls and finally turned off his phone! He stayed close and applied pressure on my lower back during contractions.

mommy and baby ian
After about an hour sitting on the birth ball, we got ready for the baby to come. That was the only moment that I thought 'we are actually having this baby at home'. I was not a nervous or scared, but completely peaceful. I knelt on the floor over the ball. My water broke just after 11. And about 20 minutes of pushing later, Ian was born. I heard him cry, but could not move. I just stayed there, collecting myself. I cannot describe how I felt at that moment. We had another child! I finally sat down and held my little boy in my arms. Collin cut the cord. Ian nursed right away.
2 days old
From the time I started pushing, the midwives played a very active role. They were even more busy once the baby came. They watched the clock and the baby and wrote everything down. When he was done nursing I got into bed, had lots of blankets put over me, given lots of drinks, and Collin got me some food. I nursed Ian again. They cleaned things up, checked all of my vitals, and then did a very thorough check on the baby. It was really awesome to see them do everything right by my side, in my own bed. Collin waited on me hand and foot for the next 2-3 days. He was the best nurse I have ever had!
watching first ball game with dad- 1 day old

The girls had seen Valerie pull up in the drive way on their way to school, about 8:15. She left around 2:00 and school gets out at 2:20. They ran home from school and got here in record time! It usually takes them at least ten minutes to walk home, but I think they got home in 3 or 4 minutes!! They were extremely excited to see Ian!
Breah-6 1/2

Kylie 8

Addison 5
Addison and Clarissa went to playgroup at Bita's house. She actually came and got them about an hour early and they stayed until 2:30. Addison was completely mesmorized by the baby. She stayed in my room and sat by whoever was holding the baby all evening. Clare held Ian once. She just ran around playing like normal. Every once in a while she would ask if the baby was still here! Grandma and Grandpa came with pizza around 6, cleaned everything, and left with all four girls by 7:30. The girls only had to miss one day school, because the next week was spring break! It seriously could not have been more perfect.
Sweet Baby Boy- 5 days old
I just feel like this birth story is not complete with out acknowledging my Heavenly Father. This decision to have a home birth was not taken lightly. We have always had unmedicated births, so that part wasn't new to me. Just not being in the hospital was going to be new. Collin and I fasted, prayed, and went to the temple before we made our decision. Throughout my pregnancy, I continually prayed that if we needed to change our mind I would clearly know it. I felt more and more comfortable with this choice as I went to my appointments at the birth center. (Which were a hundred times better than any OB appointment I have ever had.) When March rolled around, we finally talked to the girls about what was going to happen when the baby came. We tried to prepare them as much as we could. We had a family fast that Ian would be born safe and healthy. And the girls continued to pray for that everyday the entire month. I cannot believe how strong their faith is. I know that Heavenly Father heard our prayers.

one week old

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