Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birth Plans

Here is an interesting opinion about birth plans. Some things I think are important when writing a birth plan are:
  • Be brief. If a nurse sees a 6 page plan, she can't spend the time to read it.
  • Go over it with your provider long before your due date and have them sign it as approved. Then when something becomes an issue and you're in no mood to argue for what you want, you can say, "my doctor approved it." I had a nurse call my doctor once about something I had on my plan because she didn't believe me. He told her over the phone that he indeed had okayed it. She quit talking to me about it.
  • Organize it simply. As in, labor; delivery;in case of c-section...etc.
  • Be kind, not demanding. I have learned that becoming friendly with nurses, treating them with respect for what they do, and complimenting them for the good things they do for you helps them want to HELP YOU MORE! Do you go out of your way for someone who is bossing you around or talking down to you? There are many great nurses. Treat them kindly.
  • Bring several copies. Also, I have found that having it copied on a different color paper helps make it easier to find. Really, who has time to be sifting through the bag.
  • Be practical. Like the referred to article points out, you can't ask for no IV and an epidural.
  • Remember where you are. Understand that hospitals have a lot of liability. If you want a home birth, it is HARD to attain that in the hospital.
  • Do your research. Educate yourself. Know your options. Knowledge is power. Ignorance is not bliss.


Jenny said...

i've had a birth plan w/ my last two (maybe w/ max, can't remember), and it's been wonderful. the first time, i was a little nervous to show the nurses - when my dr. arrived the nurses asked her something about my care, and she told them, "oh, that's in her birth plan." they said, "oh great!" i was so glad that they weren't put off by it. i keep mine to one page, front only, and i also have my dr. approve it. the nurses still call to check up on some things (like no IV), but both times it has all worked out because my dr. and i have agreed on everything beforehand.

good post. i wish more women would educate themselves.

sara said...

I just had a conversation with a nurse at LDS about how the nurses there intentionally try to sabotage the births of mothers coming in with a birth plan. I've heard of that before, but never so directly.