Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Celebs and Cesareans

What is with SO MANY celebrities choosing to have their babies “via c-section”? I started looking around online and was surprised at how many I found! I noticed that a majority delivered at the same hospital in L.A. I only found a few that had their babies the “old fashioned way”. Why would they choose this? They have lots of money and resources, right? Isn't a cesarean usually the last resort? The wheels in my head began to turn and I think I may have figured some of it out, maybe. I thought about some of the risks or set backs to having a c-section and then thought about why a celeb might not be bothered by it.

  • The scar. What do they care? They will have plastic surgery.
  • The longer recovery. What do they care? The nanny is there to take care of the baby.
  • The pain. What do they care? They can go to rehab again when they get addicted to the painkillers.
  • The lack of labor. Oh, you mean the lack of sweating and not looking ready for a photo shoot?
  • More breastfeeding challenges. Come on. Who does that any more?
  • Possible premature baby. Really, I don’t want my baby to be “fat”.
  • Missing the last week or two of your pregnancy. Do you mean missing the last week or two of getting more stretch marks?

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Amy said...

I've also wondered if they think a vaginal birth will ruin their sex life. I don't know for myself but I've heard a lot of women say that pushing a baby out of you changes your body, but not necessarily in a bad way.